Are you looking for a wine plan with a difference?

It’s not a wine club or an investment scheme – it’s better than both.

It’s for the discerning wine lover that wants to build a balanced ­­­
cellar of excellent wines.

It’s for people that are shrewd enough to buy wines now that will
have a higher value when they’re ready to drink.

It’s for like minded individuals who have the opportunity to meet
with fellow members and taste the wines.

It’s not for everyone.

The key points of the plan

  • Build up a balanced cellar of quality wines
  • Wines selected for drinking predominantly over a 3-7 year timeframe
  • Two choices of plan -
    • £100 per month for 10 cases of 4 per year
    • £200 per month for 20 cases of 6 per year (average bottle price will be £20)
  • Cases delivered twice a year, free of charge
  • Tasting note, drinking window & food matches given for each wine
  • Pay monthly by credit card or standing order
  • Free invite to twice yearly tasting of CELLECTIVE wines (as time goes on, we'll start to show older vintages)
  • We will choose wines that we believe have excellent potential future drinking value
  • We're buying the same wines for our own cellar reserves

As an example of the types of wines we're going to buy, below are a few comparisons from our 2008 retail price list to our current one (price per bottle)

Jaboulet Thalabert '05: £21.00 Jaboulet Thalabert '09 £38.00
Jermann Vinnae 2006 £14.50 Jermann Vinnae 2011 £22.00
Le Serre Nuove 2005 £25.00 Le Serre Nuove 2010 £45.00
Cullen Chardonnay '05 £29.00 Cullen Chardonnay '11 £72.00
Mountford Pinot Noir '05 £33.00 Mountford Pinot Noir '10 £50.00

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