Matetic Corralillo Gewurztraminer

Matetic Corralillo Gewurztraminer

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Having long been a fan of Gewurztraminer in all its forms, I am always on the lookout for great examples to grace our shelves. New World examples are becoming more widely recognised as serious aromatic wines and this can only be a good thing. I have tasted other wines from the Matetic house in the past and have always been impressed, especially as all their wines are both fully organic and biodynamic.

This lovely wine tends toward the fresher end of the Gewrz. specturm with a lively and inviting nose of cut flowers, especially rose with deep but fresh notes of tropical fruits and spicy ginger. On the palate there is a creamy mouthfeel that fills your senses but is reigned in by super structure and poise. Classic flavours of lychee and warm spice all work in harmony with none overpowering and spoiling the complexity. Lively acidity wraps things up ensuring an upbeat finish to a wine that can end heavily, but not here!

SC Rating - Excellent ++ (Dan)

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