First Drop 'Minchia' Montepulciano

First Drop 'Minchia' Montepulciano

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"Minchia" is an Italian profanity (look it up on Wikipedia). First Drop's winemaker, Matt, enlightened me as to what it means when we first met, but it's what he said when he first tasted this wine. When I first tasted it, I simply looked at Mark and said "holy shit", I don't know many foreign swear words, you see.....

Anyway, the wine. Intensely deep in colour, there's masses of aromas coming out of the glass with black cherry and berry, spice, dark chocolate and toast to the fore. It's hugely seductive on the palate with big, rich, velvety dark fruit, clove spice, mocha and subtle vanilla notes. Despite being rich, it's all in harmony and is well balanced with good acidity and massive length of flavour. The finish is a touch hot, but that's the only time you'd notice the heady alcohol. It's big, rich and <insert the swear word of your choice here> great.

SC Rating - OUTSTANDING (Mike)

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