Crystallum Paradisum

Crystallum Paradisum

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For those of you that enjoy very fine wines, you have got to be buying wine produced by these guys. Crystallum are a boutique winery owned by Andrew and Peter-Allan Finlayson, sons of South African wine legend Peter Finlayson. They make sensational Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, which we've been selling since their first vintage, and it is all sublime. And this is their latest addition to their portfolio....

As with all their other wines, the production is miniscule - 2,014 bottles in this vintage. What these guys do is on a small scale but with full attention placed on the quality. This wine is a blend of Shiraz (50%), Grenache (38%) and Cinsault (12%). Relatively light in colour, this is cooler climate winemaking at its best, a combination of finesse and power. On the nose and palate there's lots of spicy berry fruits along with notes of dark cherries, leather, liquorice and cinnamon. Lovely depth and balance with very fine tannins and refreshing acidity, this will soften out and get even better over the next 2-3 years. I was still tasting it a good minute or more on the finish - a sign of a top quality wine. As with all of their portfolio, I could drink these types of wines all day. A name to watch out for.

SC Rating - EXCEPTIONAL (Mike)

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Shiraz, Grenache, Cinsault
Walker Bay