Pierro Chardonnay 2017 CASE OF 6

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Pierro Chardonnay 2017 CASE OF 6

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Finest Chardonnay I've tasted this year!

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Pierro is back and make no mistake this is better than ever, for me it is the finest Chardonnay to come out of Australia if not the new world, well that and Leeuwin Art Series - Leeuwin is currently half the price though!

We first sold Pierro around 10 years ago and it built up a following, they changed UK agents so disappeared for a while but now it is back and it is sublime. I purchased a pallet to secure the best price. You'd need to pay 3 times the price in Burgundy to get this quality. My tasting note below doesn't to the wine justice!

The wine is quite Burgundian in style with masses of style and complexity. Flavours range from delicious subtle tropical fruits, through zippy freshly squeezed lemon, then a hint of mandarin, mango and peach, a kiss of buttery oak, popcorn kernel and a mineral core. It has balance, freshness, complexity and length, all that I look for in a quality wines, and it is truly delicious. Langton's rate the wine as outstanding in their classification of top Aussie wines. I rate it even higher, scoring it 10/10.

SC Rating - EXCEPTIONAL (Adam)

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