Clark Estate Noble Pinot Gris 37.5cl

Clark Estate Noble Pinot Gris 37.5cl

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First tasted with one of our private tasting groups, this went down so well with everybody that it was an easy decision whether to list it or not.  It's a stunning little late harvest Pinot Gris produced from botrytised grapes - something that doesn't happen that often in Marlborough.  Only 3600 bottles were made and it's a wine full of honey, dried apricots, mangos, orange marmalade and soft spice.  It has 160 grams of residual sugar but the acidity is such that it doesn't show anywhere near this level, being fresh and balanced.  Delicate and delicious with a long finish, outstanding now and will improve up to ten years.

SC Rating - OUTSTANDING ++   (Mike)

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