Didier Tripoz Macon Charnay

Didier Tripoz Macon Charnay

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One of last year's stars was our Christmas Macon Villages, for summer we've gone one better on the Appellation Game at the same price and nailed a proper Village wine, namely Charnay, from a small family producer. Catherine and Didier Tripoz have gained a strong following of their wines. Didier takes meticulous care in the preparation of his wines, with decades of experience, he nurtures the whole process from vines to wine. All hand harvested, he loves his cement tanks so much, resisting the temptation of modern times to rip out concrete tanks in the winery with vast stainless steel tanks, instead he knows and believes tradition has a reason. A reason vindicated in recent years by many of the classified growth producers of Bordeaux who have renovated their own wineries and have re-installed cement tanks. The consistent temperature control that concrete delivers the aromatic freshness that really shines through in the wine we get to drink with Didier's wines.

The 2015 Macon Charnay is a belter of a White Burgundy, all about ripe apples, pears & zesty citrus with a perfect balance of richness & freshness. Subtle creamy notes make this food friendly but it is perfectly happy without. A top drop and worth grabbing at this price.

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