Retail Wine List - 2016

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As ever, we strive to provide wines that we believe outperform their price at every level, from £6.00 upwards. And, much as we love wine, we'll talk to wine, we'll talk to you in everyday language, rather than wine babble.



Lesser known than it's noble whites are Germany's reds, yet these wines are revered in the trade and press. If you are a fan of Burgundy but cannot stomach the price, try the fabulous Spatburgunders (Pinot Noir) - they really are a match for the French and often at half the price.

75cl, Pinot Noir, Pfalz, Villa Wolf, 2015

When it was first opened for me I wasn't waiting with much excitement. I had tried a few examples from the Rheingau and hadn't been at all impressed....

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75cl, Pinot Noir, Rheinhessen, Louis Guntrum, 2013

Our third wine from Louis Guntrum and another really high quality offering, this time entering the feared arena of German Reds: a wine category looked...

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75cl, Pinot Noir, Pfalz, Stepp, 2014

We've been dealing with Gerd Stepp for three years now, and have always loved the style of his wines with their delicious freshness, purity and...

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